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Just An Idea? (Concerning the no-biting rule)

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1Just An Idea? (Concerning the no-biting rule) Empty Just An Idea? (Concerning the no-biting rule) on Sat Jan 31, 2009 6:04 pm

I thought of this through my agrivation of not being able to become a vampire.

Since both vampires and werewolves require humans to live I suggest that you have to apply to be either. The application would consist of bother an evaluation of how you would actually rp as a vampire (or werewolf) and a forum application. The forum application would consist of things such as why they want to be a vampire, why they deserve it, how they would rp as it, etc. This would keep a steady flow of humans in the RP and neither vampires or werewolves would be over populated.

Consider it?

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Very good, considering I thought of it weeks ago.

[Note to Self: Post Ideas before others do❤]

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Thats not a bad idea.
Maybe Becca will consider that

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Thanks Cait and sorry, Jara, I didnt know Razz

Anyway, if Becca doesnt see this before she gets onto habbo Ill ask her to look at it.

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You've got my support. Or we can just kill the vampies...

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Thaaanks <33

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I think thats a good idea.
Lets keel da vampires I love you
Oh and Will,
Np, a good idea can be thought with two heads and thats better then one or something


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I'm down.

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