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Friendly Reminder...

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1Friendly Reminder... Empty Friendly Reminder... on Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:27 pm


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Bella.Swan.!: Dont we have to follow the book ? there are people using swords and shot guns in la push ! i dont recall this being in the book .. and there are vampires in la push .. thats clearly breaking the treaty :l sorry to have a rant but it annoys me wen they tell me im rong ! x

You should have read the stickies, it would have answered all of your questions. You are doing the same thing as the people not following the rules when you come to me asking these questions. They don't read the stickies so they don't know that the weapon they are using is not allowed, and you didn't read the stickies and realize that I wrote that we must be realistic and true to the book. It's plain as day, right there in front of you all. And yes, we must be realistic to the book.

This is a friendly reminder guys: READ THE STICKIES. All of your questions will be answered!!!!!!!! If it isn't, THAT is the time to come to me!!!! You are wasting my time and yours by not being pro-active!!!


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And also, the treaty applies only to Cullens.

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