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Fireking 1 char. / Gavin Rily alesander

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1Fireking 1 char. / Gavin Rily alesander Empty Fireking 1 char. / Gavin Rily alesander on Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:10 am


General Info:

Full Name:Gavin Riley ale sander
Real Age:18
Physical Age:24
Height: 6'9"
Abilities: (If you Have One) none

Personality Description: Gavin really does not take shit from anybody he has a smart mouth . he is also very quick tempered around people he does not like. he very stubron
and has a lot of pride. he can be very cheery and passionate
and outgoing.

Physical Description: long black hair ,with green eyes very muscular he has a beautiful smile and has dimples.

History:Gavin was born in 1991 Washington D.C he was born an to family of werewolf's. he had a older brother that died when Gavin was 3 he took very hard and did not talk to any one besides is mother . his mother name was Kathrine and was very beautiful women. when Gavin turned 10 his mom and dad use to fight a lot and would stay in his room trying not to cry.later on his father decide to leave the last things he said to Gavin " you better man up boy cause this world is not a happy ever after story". Gavin did not even get hug or goodbye kiss . when he turned 15 he moved to forks and was not really happy to then met his lover. he later then imprinted on girl named Emily he loved her so munch. one rainy day down at La push Emily slipped away from her mother and fall off the cliff and hit and cut her whole body . Gavin got there when she taking her last breaths. she gave him bracelet with there picture and she told him she loved him. she died that night Gavin took so hard he was going to kill himself before she friends convince him not to he always thinking her and he always thinks if he was there he could have saved her. Gavin as been experiencing his werewolf side now hes been thinking of making pack but is still undecided.

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