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Rémy Lucas

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1Rémy Lucas Empty Rémy Lucas on Fri Jan 23, 2009 1:56 pm


Height: 6,3"
Weight: 212 lbs.
Ethnic Race: French
P.O.B: New Orleans, Louisiana
D.O.B: July 13th, 1981
Race: Vampire
Favorite Area: Forest
Physical Features: Rémy has a teen like face which makes him look very curious. He has a large scar across his right eye, and scars along his back and chest. He has tattoos along his arms which mean something to him, but he has not told anyone.
Kind Rémy: Rémy Lucas Hellsing_alucard05b
Sly Rémy: Rémy Lucas 1135320692_salucard57
Insane Blood Lust Rémy: Rémy Lucas Alucard2
Personality: Rémy is usually very kind and fun. He rarely takes anything seriously and you can almost always catch him with a smirk on his face. Often though, he takes things a little too far. Rémy is bi polar and has three different emotions, there's sly Rémy, kind Rémy, and insane Rémy.
Relatives: Mother- Stephanie Lucas
Father- Michel Lucas

Bio: Birth- Rémy was born on July 13th, 1981 in the parking lot of a hospital in New Orleans. Temperature outside? Ninety-eight degrees Fahrenheit. Yep it was a pretty hot day, but Stephanie and Michel could tough it out. They smiled looking down at their new child. "We got ou' own lil' buoy'." Michel said as he smirked down to Stephanie who was sweating bullets as the nurses brought Rémy into the hospital.
Age 3- Rémy was living as middle class in New Orleans. His father was a history teacher and his mother was a banker. Everything was fine, Rémy had fun with new toys, his father had a good paying job, and so did his mother. It looked like everything was going to turn out, just a fun childhood.
Age 5- Rémy was now five years old. He was getting ready for kindergarten, his dad has gotten a new car, and all the bills were paid. When Rémy was walking to school with his mom (they only lived a short distance away), a man came up to his mother. Rémy said "Mommy?" in his cute little boy french accent, and his mom said run along a bit. Rémy stopped at the next tree and watched his mom and the big man. They seemed to talk for a bit, his mom seemed tense and the big man frustrated. The man said something about his money now and then walked off. Rémy then walked to school with his mom, who seemed worried.
Age 13- Everything was going great for Rémy still. The man had been now showing up to his house though. Rémy had a girlfriend named Margaret, and was the fun and a popular kid in school. Rémy came home one day though, and saw the man push his father, his father then lifted up his hands looking to back away, and the man pushed him again. "Ey' you dea'!" Rémy yelled running to them. "Stay way from ma' da'!" Rémy said in his french accent. "Hey kid, what's your name?" the big man said. "Nu' ya'll buniss'." Rémy replied angered staring up at the man. The man let out a chuckle and pulled out a knife. "Mind repeatin' that kid?" the man said grinning. "Di' I studda'? I sai' nu' ya'll buniss'." Rémy said smirking. His father then said "Listen don' hut' em'. E' jus' a kid. I' get you da' monay'.". The man then bared his teeth angrily and walked off. Rémy looked at his dad in disappointment.
About two weeks later the man returned. Rémy's father said to go to the bedroom and hide. Rémy wondered why but his dad yelled to go. Rémy ran up the stairs and looked out the window. The man walked up to his father, as his father tried to talk the man punched him clean across the face. He then kicked him in the gut. When Rémy's mother ran out the man flicked out his pocket knife, and stabbed her in the chest. Rémy's father yelled, jumping on the man's back. The man swung him off then stabbing him in the gut repeatedly. Rémy yelled in anger, the man seeing this then running into the house. As Rémy locked the door the man slammed into it. The door almost broke off the hinges. Rémy gripped his titanium baseball bat and waited. The man rammed into the door and received a smash to the face with the bat. Blood poured everywhere. Rémy jumped on top of the fallen man's gut and with a rip the man slit Rémy' s face open near his eye. Rémy did not care and in blood rage continually rammed the bat into the cracked skull. Tears pouring down his eyes, Rémy fell to his knees. He heard the neighbors then scream. He looked up with a bloody and tear soaked face. He searched the man, stealing his wallet and the steel knife. He couldn't think of any way to escape without being seen. He then remembered the balcony. Running through to his parent's bedroom he opened the window and jumped onto the balcony. He scaled the roof until it got to the lowest point and then he jumped. Landing on his feet he hoped fences until he could not figure out where he was. He cried silently, lonely and scared. Then he ran to the one person that was alive that he loved, Margaret. He told her that he had to leave, and he probably wouldn't see her soon. He promised to come back for her, no matter what happened, then running out, going onto the streets.
Age 15- Rémy was now living on the streets. He couldn't get a decent job so he decided to pick pocket. Day after day, he would walk the streets of New Orleans walking past people, and looking for any wallets or purses sticking out. If found by cops, he could serve years in jail. Rémy was now running from the cops, only trying to survive.
Age 18- Well, he finally got caught. It was only a matter of time. He had been wandering the side streets when a cop light rolled over him, then cop stopped, then drove after Rémy. Rémy ran for his life, down alleys, until he got to a dead end. He smirked, and when one cop approached him he gripped the arm, twisted it behind his back and kneed him in the spine, the other cop running up while Rémy was occupied and kicked him to the ground, proceeding to cuff him. The judge said three years if he has good behavior.
In the jail he smirked as people yelled stuff as he walked. After a short while it was lunch time. Rémy walked, got his lunch, and then sat down alone. A group of big black guys walked up to Rémy. "Hey lil' boy, you new here." one said as they all laughed. Rémy smirked and said "That I am." with his french accent. With a thrust one of them took the apple from his tray. Another took his biscuit. Another then took his plate of what was supposed to be beef stew. Rémy got up to put his tray away when one tried to trip him, Rémy tripped, balanced out, then muttered "Sona' bish." smirking. The man asked "What you say boy?" in a deep voice. "I sa' sona' bish' you ga' a prolem'?" Rémy said. The man got up and ran at Rémy. Rémy chuckled as the man made an attempt to punch him. Rémy dodged it then ramming his fist to the gut as it connected with a solid blow. He then uppercut the man to his jaw connecting with a swift and hard blow. As the man balanced out Rémy gripped the man's arm, twisted it with force, and then slammed the man's head onto the huge table. The loud slam made everyone fall silent. The man whimpered in pain as Rémy smirked. Rémy rammed his elbow to the man's spine connecting with a harsh hit, then releasing the man. The other big men looked at Rémy as Rémy stared back. "Mi' biscui', apple, n' bee' stew?" he said as the men quickly handed it to him. They walked away tense, with the beaten man's arms around their shoulders carrying him. The guards came down, and took Rémy to a cold, and far away room. They proceeded by beating him down with night sticks, until Rémy smirked. Rémy got up, gripped a night stick, then rammed his foot to the man's gut as it hit. Rémy spun around the man then slammed the night stick to the man's neck gripping it with two hands, chocking him. The other guard had no idea what to do. He slammed a night stick to Rémy's head hard. Rémy fell to the floor and they kicked him. Rémy was then back in his cell, bruised and beaten. An older spanish man came up to him. "Ey' yo my name's Rick. Saw you kick that guy's ass back there. Pretty bad ass shit. No one messes with them." he said. Rémy smirked and nodded. "You seem likea' goo' gi'. Mi' name's Rémy. I getin' outa' dis' place tonigh'. You wan' in?" Rémy said as the man stared shocked, and slowly nodded.
That night Rémy crept slowly to the edge of the cell. Rémy then dropped his bible out of the cell. A guard walked over, and handed it to Rémy from far away. Rémy smiled, went to take it, when Rick rammed his arm to Rémy's leg. The guard looked shocked, as he ran to the cell closer, as the man flung out his night stick Rick backed away, as Rémy smirked and spun up. As Rémy gripped the night stick through the bars he gripped the guard by the neck. Pulling him closer to the cage Rémy flung the night stick around his neck, and gripped it with both hands. He choked the guard, ramming the guard's head into the bars, until blood trickled down and the guard had passed out. Rémy bent low, searching the guard's pockets, luckily finding keys. As they unlocked the door slowly, they crept out. The inmates nodded to the two, allowing them to pass. Then they were near the back way. They walked slowly down the corridors. Finally getting to the back door, there was one guard on the inside. Rémy had a good idea. He walked down the hall acting doped and walked to the guard. "What the hell?" the guard said walking to Rémy as he drooled with sluggish eyes. As soon as the guard got close Rémy slammed his fist to the guard's face. It connected to the nose breaking it easily blood spilling out. Rick then ran to them and started to beat down the guard. Rémy gripped the night stick and an extra set of keys. They slowly unlocked the door then creeping out, they looked around. There were two guards on each side. Rick went on one side as Rémy went on the other. At once they pounced on them both and stealthily choked them. Slowly running out dodging spot lights against the walls they ran. No alarms went off, until they hopped the fence. Rémy was in the middle of jumping it when his pants got stuck on barb wire. As he tried to pull it off he triggered an alarm hooked up to the fence as the sirens then went off. Rémy jumping over urged Rick to come. Rick said "There's no way for me. Go on your own, I'll keep them distracted." Rémy responded "Rick I ain' leain' wit' ou' you." Rick urged Rémy to go, so Rémy ran through the dense trees. Rémy slept out in a hollow log, until it was morning. When he woke up Rémy went to a town. Finding some old clothes in a garbage can he exchanged them for his prison clothes, when he was now back to square one.
23- Rémy was back to his old ways. He was sleeping on the subways and eating with the left over money. Rémy needed to leave though, people might grow suspicous. So he made his way, not knowing where he was going, just crossing the country.
26- Rémy had hitch hiked for the past few years, going from town to town, doing the same thing. He finally found an interesting town in Washington, Forks. He thought about it, and had developed a good sum of money over the time. So he thought about it, then stayed here in Forks.
27- Rémy' s beginning to like the strange things that happen in Forks. Well that was until a "strange thing" happened to him. He was caught right in the middle of a vampire death circle. He had begun to hang around Voi, leading him to hanging out with Denali, and John. After a short while he was walking into the meadow when he noticed Voi. She seemed a bit weird, and then she pounced. Ramming him to the ground and slamming her jaw onto his shoulder. He yelled, not wanting to hurt her still, as all he could do was lay there. Denali ripped Voi off, and rammed her fist to the back of Voi' s head knocking her out cold. Denali then sucked some of the venom out of Rémy, thinking she had it all, then sealing the wound. Amounts of residue of the venom scattered through his body as he watched in fear. He passed out, and woke up at the Cullens, feeling weak, and he ran to Port Angeles, where he saw a kid. He had the urge to kill him, just for being there, but did not. He then went to La Push, where his instincts took in. He saw a deer, and he pounced, slamming his jaw to it's gut sucking it clean. Now, after only three hours, Rémy has become what he only heard when people wanted to scare him. He was a monster.

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