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Name: Lorraine (Raine) Victoria Clarice
Physical Age: 18
Real Age: 18
Race: Vampire
Zodiac Sign: (who really cares about this other than Ilgie?)
Abilities: Healing Manipulation

Personality: Lorraine likes to be called Raine. She is quite practical and doesn't like to make things difficult. When other people do, she gets annoyed and will most likely just walk away mid-conversation. She doesn't really have a care in the world, except for the people who are close to her. She's outgoing, not very open-minded, though. She loves to play. Though, there are her serious moments. But, you can't break the broken! She'll laugh at almost anything, even if it's not funny, but only because she'll think of something else in her mind than what was actually said.

Physical Description:
Very athletic. She would rather put her time and energy to use out on a football field rather than sticking needles in her arm and snorting things up her nose. She has brown hair, but constantly dyes it, because she gets bored easily and needs a way to keep life interesting.

History: Raine had rich parents. Very rich parents. They always wanted to buy her clothes and toys and anything that she wanted. She never asked for anything, yet she kept on getting more and more. It was almost a way of making up the time that they didn't get to spend with her when away on trips. She didn't mind it, though, she knew that they loved her. And she loved them just as much.
It was one of those days that she actually looked forward to, which was when they came back from one of those antagonizing trips. Her and James (the man who took care of her) were at the airport when they saw it happen. The plane was coming in for a landing right when the bombs went off. Her eyes were blinded as the brightness from the explosion made her turn away. James grabbed onto her frail body and ran behind one of the pillars in the airport as a form of protection from the blast. A gush of air and smoke swam past the two and the people around them. Only the sounds of men and women coughing and gagging as the toxins mixed with the air could be heard. Raine shoved her head into the nook of James arm and hid herself from what was happening. James covered his mouth with his other arm and ran into the closest bathroom and shut the door. He held 8 year old Raine in his arms for the longest time before the police came and escorted them out. The yellow lines of tape was all around the area that had been blown to pieces. Raine only glimpsed the airplane that had been wrecked, but James turned her away from the scene quickly and walked away from this place, it didn't matter where, it just had to be somewhere.
James took care of Raine, he acted as a father to her. At age 13 (Raine), he decided to take Raine away from this awfully memorable place(Italy), and moved to Forks, Washington. He was convinced that the nightmares she had been having was due to the loss of her parents. The depression she endured was masked with a fake smile, but he saw through it. He knew that her want to be a beautiful model was just to live up to her parents' ideals of her; a beautiful princess. He had to get her away. He thought of Forks as a secluded, private place where they could relive their lives and start over. And that is where her new life began.

Now, at 18 years old, she has come out of hiding and has decided to live a life. A normal one. But as it turns out, the world wasn't ready to let her live that.
Upon her first real visit into town, she met a couple of boys named Brandon, Johnny, and Julian. Something about Brandon's smile made her legs turn to jelly and her heart flutter. The innocence of Johnny's actions and words made her feel better about herself, and finds the inability to leave his side. Julian has become her closest companion, she would trust him with her life.
Raine and Brandon got close, a bit too close, and it became dangerous. He, out of fear, turned her into a vampire. The turning gave her an ability: the ability to manipulate almost anything. If it was to repair damage or impair a foe, she could do so.
Johnny, after seeing her save a girl named Ashley from another vampire named Voi by turning her into a vampire herself, leaves her completely, calling her a "bloodsucker". Ashley touches a deep place in Raine's heart and calms her more than anyone else can. The anger and sadness relieves itself upon looking at Ashley. The faith Raine has in Ashley is undeniably sincere and real.
And just as things started to calm down... Julian came out and blurted to Voi, his girlfriend, that he made Raine pregnant. Brandon almost killed Julian, and Voi almost killed herself.

Raine and Julian both explained to Voi and Brandon that the idea came from his medication. The dreams he had would seem more real than you'd think, and he actually believed that he did when he did not.
After many arguments with Brandon about Johnny, who Brandon refused to trust, Raine left Brandon. Brandon not trusting Johnny in the least to even let her be friends with Johnny drove her over the edge. Raine had turned Johnny, and needed to help him learn more about his ability. Raine was all Johnny had, and Brandon was going to take it away.
Raine found out she was pregnant, but didn't necessarily know who's child it was. She believed it was Johnny's because they started a relationship after she and Brandon broke up, but it's still not for sure.
Brandon came pleading back, wanting her back, and the possibility came to mind that it could have also been not just Brandon's child, but Julian's. And if it was either of theirs, what would she tell Johnny?
She did the one thing she knew would get her out of this lifelong drama, and that was to end her life.
She attempted to kill herself by jumping off one of the rocky cliffs in La Push, choosing to not use her ability to manipulate the cells in her body so that she would live. Johnny stood idly by, ignoring her and her soon-to-be death. Just as she breathed her last breath (not literally, since she's a vampire), Carlisle came out of the blue and swiftly took her to the hospital.
Carlisle saved her life, but there were some obstacles. Raine was different after. She had no recollection of who anyone was, all she knew was that she could trust Carlisle. She knew she had a baby growing in her stomach, and constantly paid attention to the growing child in her stomach. She would not be able to have a baby if it were not for her ability.
Even with her mind not remembering anyone, she is subconsciously using her ability to keep the baby alive and growing.
Brandon and Johnny both, along with other people who she doesn't remember, continue to try to bring her memories back. She remembers bits and pieces of things as old habits break the mind barrier, but it never gets through 100%.
Johnny makes her remember her old habit of chewing gum when she was stressed, and this caused her to remember the first day she met Johnny in Forks.
The pain in her head from remembering just this much made her run away from the scene.
Brandon talked to Raine about how he would never leave her, no matter who's child it was, which made a memory of their relationship before any of this had happened. Brandon took her in his arms the way he used to, and placed a hand over the child in her stomach. Raine felt complete with Brandon, but she didn't know why and never knew if she would. Raine flew from this scene as well when the memories started to hurt her head.

Only a few hours later, Raine began to go in labor. The pain was unbearable. It was something inhumane, not like a regular pregnancy. Raine couldn't recall what happened between Brandon and Johnny, but knew that she had to be alone and away from the two while she endured this pain. She couldn't stand their arguments in her toughest time. She ran away, to Port Angeles. She collapsed in the street, but was quickly followed by Brandon and Johnny both. Behind them, close on their heels, was Hannah. Hannah was a vampire as well and had expertise in the medical department, but Raine wouldn't allow her to get near her. She wouldn't trust anyone except Carlisle. Though, as the pain worsened, she had no choice but to have faith in this woman's abilities to bring forth her and the baby alive. Johnny kept the blood inside of Raine's body, as well as flowing through the child's body. Brandon was there to hold her hand and comfort her like a good husband. These touching moments were not to last, however. As soon as the baby was born, Brandon and Johnny were at it again. Arguing like always. Raine fled, once again, after regaining her strength. She did not want to put her newborn baby boy through their hatred for one another. She heard word later that Johnny had attempted to kill Brandon, and had almost succeeded. But Raine, in a flurry of surprise and sadness, quickly went to Brandon's side to cure him of his newly formed handicaps. Anger was a big part of Raine's life beforehand, and had quickly come out of retirement. This passionate emotion renewed all of her old memories.

After Raine came to these realizations, Johnny went berserk. All of his anger mixed with his sadness and fueled his fury. He began killing anyone in sight, even threatening to kill Raine. Raine told him to do it, but Brandon stopped him. Raine ran away and came across a girl named Izzy, bearing a knife to herself with blood surrounding her soon-to-be lifeless body. Raine saved her and kept her alive. She explained to Izzy that she was tired of death, and did not want to see it anymore. Izzy was a naturally depressed person, and didn't want to live anymore. Raine's life and Izzy's life were not entirely that different. They were very much alike and decided in a mutual death. Izzy would take the knife to Raine's heart (where it would be) and Raine would let go. Her power would no longer energize Izzy's heart into beating. They would die together.

Johnny slowly came out of his fury-filled tantrum and began to see the outcome of his choices. He knelt next to Raine and cried. He tried to keep the blood in Raine flowing. He succeeded. When Raine came out of unconsciousness she quickly grabbed onto Izzy. Izzy was revived by her touch and immediately began to sob, wondering why she was still alive. Why someone would be so cruel to keep her alive after everything she had to go through. Johnny apologized to Raine, crying his heart out saying that he didn't want to be a monster like he had come to be. He took the knife out of Raine's heart and stared at it for a few long moments, then took it to his neck. He let the blood pour out, just as Brandon weakly came in. He saw Raine throw herself onto Johnny's corpse, crying recklessly and passionately over his body. He grew mad as he saw this. Raine had never showed him this kind of passionate feeling no matter how much he had gone through for her.

Brandon called out to her, saying that he could see who she really loved. Raine tried to plead with him, but he wouldn't listen. His anger made him ignorant.
Johnny was saved by Carlisle, and his words with his first breath of life were to see Raine. As she came to the hospital, wary and concerned for his condition and state of mind, he told her he was sorry again. He told her to stay with Brandon (who followed her to the hospital). And that he would take Cassidy, their son, if she wanted. She told him no, that their son needed a mother. He agreed, telling her that he wouldn't be a good enough anyway. She could do nothing but stand there staring out the window, lost for words. The only thing that was going through her head was; "I gave him everything."
Tears formed and brimmed her eyes as the words seeped into her mind and more and more sense, "I gave him my life. My child. And now that he's gotta be a part of a bigger responsibility, he's goin' to walk out like the fuckin' coward he is. The bastard."
Tears streamed down Raine's face as she slowly turned to Brandon, the one person who stuck by her through everything, "Why did I love him?" she thought, referring to Johnny.
Brandon smiled weakly to Raine and told her he would father Cassidy, that he would continue to be there, like he promised. Always.

Raine found happiness with Brandon, a calm and peaceful happiness she hadn't had the luxury of partaking in. She applied herself to working at the hospital, taking on as many patients as often as possible so as to distract her from the previous events. She took care of Cassidy with Brandon with love any parent would understand.
Was this the normality of life Raine had been hoping for? Is it finally here?

[To be continued]

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