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Application Questions for being a Co-Owner

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Twilight Owner
The *TRPG is looking for a co-owner because of the lack of help. Here are the questions to answer if you are interested in applying. This will take a while to figure out, so don't be upset if you don't hear from me. And please, don't ask about it until I've announced the results, I haven't forgotten about you.
Please PM me your application. You can copy and paste this then leave your answers underneath.

Name/Habbo name:

1. What qualities do you think a co-owner requires?

2. Why is it important for them to have these traits? Be specific.

3. What is this Twilight RP's strengths and weaknesses compared to the rivaling TRPs?

4. In your opinion, how does leadership affect the management and performance of this roleplay? Is it even needed? Why?

5. Do you have experience with managing an RP? How long? Which one? What role did you play?

6. Do you know anything about Twilight and do you understand the rules of the roleplay?

7. How often will you be there to help?

8. What would you consider to be the day-to-day responsibilities of this role?

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