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[*Trpg] Lacey Hale

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General Info:

Full Name:Lacey Hale
Real Age:15

Lacey Hale is tall slim.With blue-gray eyes that hold the darkness.She's very advetures . and when it comes to blue skys you can see her stareing at it all day.Lacey never smiles much.Just specail people make her smile.Lacey loves to climbs trees.She not smart like others.Her blond hair is dashing .She can be trusted.When shes mad she tends to hurt people.They call her crazy but she ignores it all.

Lacey was born in England.Her father walked out from her family.He packed his bags and left.When Lacey was 10 her mother died in store.Someone stabbed her mother.Lacey after that was sent to the state Idaho to an orphange home.There Lacey lived 5 years.She went to different familys but all hated her.Lacey got tired so she ran away to Forks Washgiton.There she found new people.There she lives alone.

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Add some more details like height and stuff, then get a picture too.

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