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Nicholai Catalin

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Full Name: Nicholai Ulysees Catalin
Height: 6,4"
Weight: 221 lbs.
P.O.B: Dumeni, Romania
D.O.B: July 13th, 1912
Race: Vampire
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Crimson, Orange, Brown, Dark Brown, Black
Relatives: Unknown

Personality: Nicholai is a very kind person. He is very friendly, even to humans, but hates werewolves because of his history with them. Sometimes he may seem emotionless, or like a stone figure. Nicholai is very protective over anyone that seems that they are in trouble, he isn't as viscous as most vampires are.

Physical Description: Nicholai is very bulky and large. He is not the type of person that you would want to fight. There are several scars along his back and chest from when he was a human.
Nicholai Catalin Zus

History: Age Three (The Beginning)- Nicholai was left on a farmer's doorstep when he was a baby. It was unlucky that the farmer happened to be a nasty old man. He made Nicholai work along with other small children, and gave them little food. They all slept in a single room with large mattresses covering the floor. Nicholai had little time to play with the other kids, but when he did he played with a child named Ulysees. Day by day, they would carry the heavy plows mowing through the large fields, and getting little in return.

Age Five (Burial)- They had buried another kid today. Nicholai watched them put the small body in the casket. There were whip lashes on the child's back, looking as though they burned the skin. Nicholai then remembered, feeling his back, the whip lashes he had encountered from taking breaks. Nicholai sighed, and the old farmer said "What are you doing? Get back to work or you're next." with an evil grin and a small cackle after. Nicholai ran, gripping the front of the plow along with the other children and pulled it through the fields.

Age Seven (Run or Die)- It was the mid of winter, and freezing cold. Ulysees had frost bite from the extreme weather conditions and could barely walk right. Nicholai had a bad cough, maybe the flu, but he was not worried. That's when it happened. A ten year old boy had a case of typhoid. He died three days after he was diagnosed with it. Nicholai was worried, about what might happen to him, or Ulysees. Still, they had no choice.
When an older boy, that was thirteen found out a disease was going around he was scared, and angry. There were rumors that he was going to run away, but no one thought so, if he ran everyone knew he would get shot by the old man. Nicholai walked up to the boy and whispered "I heard...that you were thinking about escaping..please don't.." Nicholai knew that if he tried to escape, it would just be harder work for everyone else, and he would die. The thirteen year old kid ruffled Nicholai' s hair and chuckled. The kid got up and walked away.
It was around 2 a.m when the first shot came off. Every one jolted up out of their bed's and ran to the small window. They saw one of the older farmer's boys running through the field, chasing something. The boy took aim, then fired off again. The person he was chasing dropped to the ground. The boy ran to the body, and smashed the butt of the rifle into it's head. He then proceeded to drag the body. As it went by the small window, the dirty bloody face of the thirteen year old boy dragged on the ground. He was dead.

Age Twelve (Death)- Nicholai did not know what to do. Friends were dying all around him. It seemed as though Ulysees and himself were there the longest, and were next on the list. Nicholai now saw, just why the thirteen year old kid ran, it was the only thing to do.. He could either die in that hell hole, or run, and may have a slim chance, but at least a chance.
It was the day before Nicholai was going to turn thirteen. He was ready to take a chance, for the first time in his life. Nicholai was going to run away. He spoke with Ulysees to tell him, but barely had enough time. "Ulyesees, I am going.." Nicholai said while pulling the plow next to Ulyees. "What are you talking about? You can not go, they will kill you, you have seen it yourself!" Ulysees whispered angrily. "Death is better than living here for the rest of my life. I want you to come." Nicholai whispered. "Are you kidding!?!? They'll kill us both!" Ulysees said, then sighed. "You are right...No, that is stupid." Ulysees hissed. Nicholai looked down and nodded steadily "Fine, I will do this on my own." Nicholai continued to plow.
It was night, Nicholai looked around the small room. Everyone was sleeping soundly. Nicholai got up and began to walk, making sure the mattresses he stepped on would not shake much. He gripped the door knob when a hand grasped his small overall pants. Nicholai looked down frightened. "You thought you were going with out me, comrade?" Ulysees said holding back a small laugh. Nicholai smiled, happy to see his friend and they crept out of the room. They slowly walked down the hall, making sure they were silent. They slowly opened the door, then walked out of the house. Then suddenly the old man's German Shepard barked angered. Ulysee' s eyes went wide and he ran. The dog chased after barking. Nicholai looked around, he gripped a large steel pole. He swung it as hard as he could as Ulysees passed, the dog coming near. Nicholai slammed the pipe to the dog's face smashing it, blood gushing out of the mouth. The dog went to get up as Nicholai lifted the pipe high up, then slammed it down once more onto the dog's head, the blow crushing the skull. The dog laid there, dead. Then the old man ran out the door. He yelled and ran back in side. The boys ran through the large tall field as fast as they could. The old man gripped his rifle and ran out the door taking aim. It would not be far until Ulysees and Nicholai escaped into the trees. The man fired once, the bullet skimmed past Nicholai. He shot once more, it grazed Nicholai's arm as Nicholai held it, continuing to run. The man stopped shooting and took aim to Ulysees, he steadied it. As Ulysees was running and huffing, Nicholai heard it. The bullet ripped through the air, and spiraled towards Ulysees, Nicholai turned to his side, looking to Ulysees, smiling at him thinking both were going to be free. The bullet spiraled through the air, and slammed into Ulysees back. It ripped through the flesh and out the front. Ulysees' s body fell, and skid on the front, then laid there crying. Nicholai bent down and cried "I didn't mean to.." Ulysees looked up "Go..don't make me die for nothing.." Ulysees coughed up blood, the bullet had hit his lungs. "If you stay we both die, comrade.." Ulysees raised his hand up and patted Nicholai on the shoulder, trying to manage out a smile. Nicholai cried, walking back slowly, watching Ulysees then proceed to lie back down, then he was still. Nicholai ran through the forest, running for his life, and Ulysees' s dreams.
Age Fifteen (A New Start)- Nicholai had fled to Russia, afraid that the man might find him. Nicholai worked for a box company, and had a small run down apartment. The walls were chipped, and the toilet smelled like someone had left stains in it. But, this was still better than the life he used to live. He heard stories about the "United States" and that it was a wonderful place. Nicholai wasn't ready for that big of a risk yet though. He was living a life for not only himself, but for Ulysees too.

Age Eighteen (The Depression)- There was a rumor going around that a "Great Depression" was going to happen. People at his job were scared of what might happen. No one wanted to get laid off, especially with the crap pay they already got. Even so, they saw something would happen. Nicholai had met a girl named Elizabeth. She was a nice young girl, brown hair, blue eyes, and a kind personality. Still, Nicholai could not afford for her to move in. He was embarrassed about how he lived, but she would always blush and say "I like you for who you are Nicho..." Nicholai would chuckle, thinking about what really would happen if he got laid off.

Age Twenty One (Love)- Elizabeth had swept Nicholai off of his feet. So in return, Nicholai proposed to her. She said yes, Nicholai was in love. Shortly after he proposed they got married. Elizabeth was in love with him too, and it obviously wasn't for the money. They didn't know how they would get by, but they knew they loved each other, and that's all that mattered.

Age Twenty Nine (Death, Somewhat)- Elizabeth and Nicholai were stuck. They had no money, no jobs, and were going to be evicted. On top of it all Elizabeth was pregnant. They were walking home from trying to find work one night when it happened. A large hairy man slammed down from the roofs onto the ground. It snarled looking at Elizabeth and Nicholai. It charged at them. Nicholai slammed in front of Elizabeth and caught the shape by the shoulders, pushing it, squaring off. The figure snarled, with large fangs. The head almost looked like a wolf, but it was on two feet. It slammed Nicholai into a brick wall and tore at his chest rapidly, ripping away flesh. Elizabeth yelled and cried, as Nicholai fell to the ground too weak to move. The figure turned to Elizabeth as she backed away. It ran and pounced on top of her. It rammed it's face to her gut and ripped it open. A tear rolled down Nicholai's cheek as his wife yelled in pain, he thought about the baby.. Out of an alley way a pale man blurred jumping onto the wolf figure. The wolf snarled and rammed it's claws to the chest of the pale man, but he moved too fast. The pale one jumped from one side of the wolf to the other bashing it's skull in with the pale one's bare fists. The wolf fell, and with one last kick to the head the pale man broke the wolf's neck. The pale man saw Elizabeth dead, then looked to Nicholai. Nicholai stared at him not knowing what to think, then the pale man walked over. "This will hurt, not a little bit, a lot." large teeth popped out and bit Nicholai in the neck. Nicholai sat stunned, then passed out.
He woke up in a small cabin, with a fire near him. The pale man from before stared at Nicholai. Nicholai jumped up and felt his neck, the bite mark was there. "Who are you.." Nicholai said in his rough heavy slavic accent. "I am Malachi, a friend of Elizabeth's. I will not lie, I will tell you the truth. I am a vampire, you are now one too, you are stronger, faster, more aware, tougher, and healthier. You are not alive, but you are not dead. What attacked you was a werewolf. Oh and yes, all of this is real." Nicholai clenched his fist staring at the skinny pale man. Nicholai decided to take his shot. He slammed up and rammed his fist to the pale man's head. The pale man gripped Nicholai by the arm, twisted it, and slammed his head into the wall with ease. "This is not real!" Nicholai yelled. "Oh, yes it is." the pale man said and laughed maniacally.

Three Months Later (Brigade)- Shortly after the encounter Nicholai was feeling stronger than ever. He said his goodbyes to Malachi, and departed off to join a Russian Brigade. The people he joined were not very strong, but they were smart, and they worked to save the Jews. Nicholai devoted to helping. Nicholai was sent into areas no one ever dared to go. He would get Jews, and bring them out with speed. One day in particular the Nazis attacked their small camp that they established near an old barn. A tank and about twenty Nazis stormed in, tearing through. Nicholai stood, and grinned at them. They all laughed at him thinking he was crazy. The squad leader slammed his hand in front ordering them to fire, and they did so. Nicholai blurred, taking his finger nail and slitting the infantry's throats open one to another. Half of the men ended up shooting each other because of Nicholai moving too fast. Then Nicholai blurred back to the spot he was standing at. The Nazis gripped their throats, whiping blood and all slowly fell down. The tank was the only thing left. It aimed right at Nicholai, then Nicholai blurred up to the top of it. He ripped off the top, and gripped a grenade from his belt. He pulled it, and tossed it in the tank. The tank let out a boom and smoke piled out from inside of it. Nicholai was in fact a hero in the Brigade's eyes..

Fifty Years Later (Retired)- Nicholai did not know what to do now. He was living a simple life, he owned a large house in Russia, and had everything he wanted. Except when he came home from a store one day. His house was burned down, and werewolves surrounded the outside grinning at him. Nicholai roared, clenching his fists tightly. They ran at him, one ripped at his arm, Nicholai rammed his large boot to the chest and kicked it off. Another ran and went to pounce at him. Nicholai gripped the shoulders and flung him behind. The last ran at him, as Nicholai rammed his fist to the face, breaking the jaw of the wolf, as it hung wide open. Nicholai jumped on the wolf's shoulders, gripped the head, and snapped the neck, then jumped off. The other two corned him in. Nicholai chuckled. "Come and get me.." they then ran at him with full speed, Nicholai skid to the ground gripping both of their legs and slammed their heads together. They connected with a slam, the skulls shattering. Blood leaked down onto Nicholai's shirt as he grinned. He then flung up ramming both of his feet to their faces. He connected to one breaking the nose, blood gushing everywhere, while the other snarled and flung back. It was Nicholai and the biggest one left. It ran at Nicholai. Nicholai jumped in the air and it bit onto his leg ripping at it. Nicholai kicked the wolf in the neck with his other leg, and snapped the trachea. The wolf yelled in pain and gripped Nicholai by his throat ripping into it. The wolf slowly let go as it couldn't breath. Nicholai decided, it was time to leave.

A Year Later (Forks)- After Nicholai departured he stayed in California for a while, then head up north to Forks. He settled on a small alley way, because he did not need a real home. He had made it, for Ulysees, for Elizabeth, for his unborn child, for his dream.

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