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Jason Todd Carter

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1Jason Todd Carter Empty Jason Todd Carter on Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:12 pm


Jason Carter
Jason Todd Carter Blindfold

lGeneral Informationl

+ Name: Jason Todd Carter
+ Alias: Jason//Cart
+ Height (ft): 6'4
+ Weight (lbs/kgs.) 124

+ Gender: Male
+ Sexual Orientation: Straight
+ Blood Type: O
+ Zodiac Sign: Gemini

+ Race: Werewolf

+ Likes: Fighting, Girls, Drinking changing to werewolf form
+ Dislikes: Pain, not being able

lPersonal Informationl

+ Family: Carter
+ Active Members:

+ Deceased Members:
~ Shawna Carter ( Mother )
~ John Carter ( Father )
~ Micheal Johnson (Godfather)

+ Physical Outlook: Jason is actually blind but he use's his acute sense's to actually see around him. No one know's he's blind because he either wear's sunglasses or he has bandage's over his eyes.

+ Personality Summary: He's get's angry about different aspect's in his life especially when he's fighting. HE's uncaring when he need;'s to be and loving when he need's to

lInventory l

+ Inventory List:

[~] Black Katana
[~] SwitchBlade
[~] Locket
[~] Bracelet
[~] Throwing knive's

+ Werewolf Abilities:

[~] ( normal werewolf abilities )
[~] change body to different form's which include:
Black python
White Raven
Ancient Dragon


+ Background Information: Jason lived with his father and mother until he was 15, he was coming home from school and found his parents slaughtered right in the kitchen. He was than shipped off to fork's washington by his uncle to live with his godfather until he went to college//university. Their he learned his root's and he became a werewolf successfully which his grandfather teaching him different thing's about the race.

Soon enough he was able to change his form into 3 thing's possible which he thought was remarkable special. Jason was happy until he found his godfather dead in his room, when he inspected the room he found a snake skin and he knew that he had killed his godfather in his snake formation.

through his running he lives in his house alone now not daring to become any of his 'other' form's knowing that his personality will change with it as he change's.

+ Additional Information:


2Jason Todd Carter Empty Re: Jason Todd Carter on Thu Jan 29, 2009 6:37 am


Good, but just don't carry around a katana no one would really do that in Twilight.

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