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*TRPG; Valerie Archiha

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General Info:

Full Name: Valerie Rose Archiha
Real Age: 16
Physical Age: 16
Height: 5'8
Race: Werewolf
Abilities: Valerie has all the basic abilities of an average werewolf. She can imprint, has super speed, super hearing, really good sight, can phase when she likes, uses telepathy in wolf form, has high body heat, can heal quickly, and grows fast.


Likes: Val likes dancing, having fun, hanging out, partying and fast cars.
Dislikes: She doesnt like wallflowers, rainy days, and bad smells.
Turn-ons: Val gets turned-on by black hair, tanned skin, and leather jackets.

Personality Description: Valerie is very bubbly and energetic. She runs around alot and is full of energy. Val enjoys dance, pop, hiphop, and rap music. She carries a radio around. Valerie is also very unpredictable. She can usually be found break-dancing in the middle of Forks, hanging out in the Diner or relaxing by the water at La Push.

Physical Description: Valerie has a young, tan, face. She has sparkling blue eyes and a perfect complexion. Valerie has a very charming smile. She wears mostly average clothing. Jeans and a blouse or t-shirt with her white sneakers.
*TRPG; Valerie Archiha ValerieArchiha-1

History: Orphaned -
Valerie was born in San Diego, California. Her father, Sebastian Gonzalez, left her mother after her birth. Her mother, Haylee Hartford was devasted and was very poor. She couldnt afford to take care of Valerie and gave her up for adoption.
The Archihas -
When Val turned 5 she was adopted by Julian and Carly Archiha. She took their name. Valerie had an adoptive sister and adoptive brother. On her 13th birthday, the Archihas moved to Forks, Washington. Julian had recieved a promotion at his office. The promo meant moving to Forks and working less hours.
The Orphan Girl -
Valerie found a orphan by the name of, Anya. They looked exactly alike. Blood tests proved that they were full sisters. As it turns out, Anya was kidnapped. The Archihas adopted Anya so the sisters could be truly together.
Transformation -
One day when Val went to La Push, she noticed a cabin. Walking up to it, she saw a girl. The girl turned into a werewolf before her very eyes. The werewolf-girl bit her leg. This turned Valerie into a werewolf.

Other Info:
Occupation: Student
Anya Archiha [Sister] (Jaradamo12)
Olivia Archiha [Adoptive Sister] (paradise63)
Haylee Hartford [Mother]
Sebastian Gonzalez [Father]
Julian Archiha [Adoptive Father]
Carly Archiha [Adoptive Mother]
Carlos Archiha [Adoptive Brother]

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My pic phails

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