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Dani Notte

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1Dani Notte Empty Dani Notte on Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:44 pm


General Info:
Dani Notte LittleJessica

Full Name:Dani Notte
Real Age:15
Physical Age:15
Race: Vampire
Abilities: Darkness control


Likes:Friends, dark places, the mood, drawing
Dislikes: scary people, light, cold
Turn-ons: when someone protects her and holds her.

Personality Description: Dani is known for her shyness and doesnt talk unless she trusts you. Usually doubting herself. She also has human like qualities unlike any vampire.

Physical Description: This small girl has Brown hair and unusually pale skin even for a vampire. Her long hair blows in the breeze. Usually known for wearing sweatshirts with black or red pants.

Background Information:

History: Dani stands on a cliff looking down at her hometown. She walks to it waiting for something to happen but its just a wasteland now. About 9 years ago her parents were burned by the Volturi. Along with this the city was burned to the ground. Dani walked to the burial site and sighs. About 9 years later her body appeared in The airport Near Forks. She walked there and Ran into a friend named Izzy Renault. Dani sighs and walks to her home in the room next to Izzy's. One night a Volturi had snuck inside of her room and tried to kill her. Izzy saw that Dani was dieing and bit her. Dani was in pain for 5 days and is no currently a newborn

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