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[*TRPG] Michael

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1[*TRPG] Michael Empty [*TRPG] Michael on Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:58 pm


Full Name: Michael [Rest Is Unkown]
Age: 20
Height: 6'2

About Michael:

He Is An Outgoing Person Who Treats All People Alike Wether They Be Vampire Human Or Werewolf.
Michael Always Carries His Old Toy Truck As A Memory Of His Childhood.
Michael Stays Away From Girls For A Very Good Reason.
His Eyes Change To His Mood. And He Very Rearely Raises His Voice. He Has A Calm Voice So It Is Sorta Hard To Tell What Mood He Is In. Unless You Know What Each Color Of His Eyes Mean.

Michael As A Child

As Michael Grew Up Alone The First 5 Years Of His Life He Lived In The Meadow. One Day A Lot Of People Came Which Was Unusual To Him. He Went Up To One Girl And Asked Her To Play. Then He Did Not Have A Name. She Adopted Him As Soon As Everyone Left. The Girl He Asked To Play Was Actually A Voultri Gaurd Which He Found Out When He Turned 18 When She Tried To Turn Him But Failed Too. Ever Since Then Since That Day In The Meadow. He Studys Vampires Watching Movements, Behaviors, And Looks. He Met Dennis Another Vampire As He Grew Up Also. As His Mother Died Dennis Is Like Family to Michael.

Michael Stays Away

When Michaels Mother Died He Stayed Away From Girls Afraid Of The Same Fate That Could Come On Them. Everytime He Lieks A Girl He Tries To Push Her Away Cause He Is Scared Of The Fate That Could Happen.

Michael Gives Up...

One Day After Michael Got Pissed Then Went Into Depression. He Sped To The Meadow And Stabbed Himself Infront Of His Friends. Luckly The Knife Missed His Heart And Michae; Lived Another Day. He Has A Horrible Scar On His Chest From That Day. But Doesn't Show It Unless Needed To Most.

Michael Growing Up

Michael As He Grows Up Becoems More Aware Of Vampires Since He Grew Up With Them. He REfuses To Fight Them Or Harm them. As He Thinks They Are Family. Since He Grew Up With Vampires He Can Tell Most Vampires From Humans. Very Few Have Gotten Away From Him Discovering Then. Even So He Refuses To Harm Them.

Michael Turns 20

He Starts Listening To A Lot Of Animusic To Calm His Nerves. He Never Reviels Which One He Is Listening To. He Gets Very Edgey When Someone Asks What He Is Listening To. Cause Most People Find Animusic Sucky. But It Keeps Michael Calm And Not Trying To Kill Hmself Again.

Dennis Pulls The Last Straw

After Being Around Dennis A Lot He Snaps At Michael. He Stares At Dennis Confused And Hurt. As He Marchs Off Cracks In The Ground Form As He Stomps Off FRom And Away From Dennis. He Trys To Stay Distant From Him. Cause He Hates To Be Yelled At.

Eyes Color: [Moods]
Blue : Neutral
Black : Unsure
Pink : Kind
Brown : Friendly
Green : Lost
Red : Enraged
Purple : Loving {Careing}
Yellow : Protective
White : Wondering
Orange : Sad
Greay : Lonely

More To Come...

2[*TRPG] Michael Empty Re: [*TRPG] Michael on Sun Feb 01, 2009 11:34 am


and his eyes are almost always purple when he's near me at `H`..

[Or not..Very Happy]

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