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Bio as of Saturday January 31st 2009

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1Bio as of Saturday January 31st 2009 Empty Bio as of Saturday January 31st 2009 on Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:04 pm


Bio as of Saturday January 31st 2009:

As a young human child Louri grew up by the New Jersey Shore and never fit in with a lot of people. She tended to stay with a certain strange group of kids who where very “passionate about life” if you will.
When she was old enough to move away from her parents, she did. Louri now lives in a two room apartment close to Forks Washington. When she first started hanging out around Forks the citizens didn’t really except her as much as she wanted them to. But the more Louri stayed around Forks, the more people she met. Now, she has some extremely close friends she would never want to lose! And also has a boyfriend…
She’s seen some pretty strange things and has lived the craziest of adventures. What will she get into next? Go to Forks to find out! Like a Star @ heaven

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