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[*TRPG] Ashley Rose Scarlet Blood

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Full Name: Ashley Rose Scarlet [ Vampire Add On : Blood ]
Real Age: 16
Physical Age: 16
Height: 5'6
Race: Vampire
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Personality Description:
Ashley is sometimes very jelous, outgoing, over achiever, flirty sometimes, funny, extremely smart.

Physical Description:
Ashley has blonde straight hair with blue eyes. She is one of the girls every guy wish he could date. Her hobbies include: Martial Arts, Baseball, Basketball and Cheerleading.
She is very musculer and strong but it is not visible. Her sparkling blue eyes look like Saphires some guys say. Others say she is as beautiful as a rose, you can decide.


Ashley was born in Forks, Washington. She was born on October 23, 1992. She grew up there her whole live doing good in school and always having the boys crushing on her. She passed through grade school with flying colors obtaining straight A`s in every subject. She then went to Forks High, where she is right now. She is currently 16 years old and is currently a Cheerleader for forks High. Her outside Sports Include: Baseball and Martial Arts. She is currently a Junior in High School. After the New Year, Ashley was bitten and transformed into a Vampire by her friend Raine, who had to either let her beloved friend or Boyfriend Brandon leave in danger of me telling everybody or her to turn me into a vampire, little did he know Ashley grew up with a Werewolf and kept the secret to herself, She also foundo ut about Vampires from James who she fell in love with and he fell in love with her. He was tempted to suck her blood but didn`t for he loved her. She is now living her life, turned into a horrible monster. Who just has to deal with the curse. Later on she met a girl named raine who became close friends with her after Raine attacked Ashley and they grew a bond. Later Ashley fell for the nomadic vampire, James as he did with her but she hasn`t seen him since. She has met the boy Raine loved, Brandon and her other friend she loves at the same time Johnny. She has made many friends and one day when Brandon was afraid ashley would reveal their secret he told Raine to bite her and so she did for his sake unwillingly cursing Ashley forever. Ashley has met the Cullens most of the Edward, Carlisle, Emmet and is close with Rosalie and Alice, but Jasper seems to avoid her for some reason. Recently Raine turned Johnny into a vampire and he sent Brandon to his death with his newborn vampiric power, but Raine using her healing powers, revived brandon. They all started fighting and brandon being attacked by johnny during small fights trying to kill eachother Ashley and marko stepped in, the only major injury she got form johnny was being smashed through a hospital wlal which was nothing compared to markos skull being crushed almost and brandons bones in his body broken. It ended with a crippled brandon and a sorry Johnny who got his neck broken by Ashley after calling her a Bitch. Raine cried it off but not because of what Ashley did, because he finally let her be happy with Brandon after forcing her to tell brandon goodbye. She now has a child who was with johnny and brandon has agreed to hlep her take care of it. Recently raine and her have been hanging out and making Brandon jelous with Raine by doing girlish ways of persuasion.
[ To Be Continued. ]

Vampiric Power : The Ability to swap my soul into another persons body for a small duration. This power is only accesable 3 times a day.
The other use of this is I can revive a dying person who is about to die by swapping places with them by giving them my life and I in my body die instead. Basically like a sacrifice.

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Pretty good bio, but get a picture, it makes it easier for people to visualize what your character would look like.

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